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We Know Clogged Drains! 

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Fix the problem before it get worse!

Emergency Rooteer ServicesAt Wood’s Rooter Service, we’re your experts in sewer and drain cleaning services. Since 2007, we’ve offered residents and business owners the services they need to keep their plumbing systems running efficiently. As a family-owned business, our experience runs four generations deep. Our experts will come in to determine what’s causing your clogs and backups, and work hard to get them clean again. From your kitchen sink to your sewer line, we handle it all.

When Is the Best Time to Get Your Sewers & Drains Cleaned?
If your plumbing systems aren’t in good shape at all times, that’s when problems arise. If you’re wondering when the best time is to get your drains or sewers cleaned, the answer is before a problem comes up. The following are a couple of reasons why. To Save Money – If you don’t stay up to date on preventative maintenance and sewer cleaning services, those small unavoidable problems will turn into large, avoidable issues. The larger the problem, the more money it will cost to have it cleaned up and repaired. The savings could add up by getting your sewers and drains cleaned before there’s a problem.​ To Avoid a Mess – Again, small issues can get quite large if they aren’t washed away, to begin with. Plumbing problems can be quite messy, so if you keep your plumbing systems clean at all times, you have less chance of running into those messy problems. This not only keeps your sewers and drains clean, but works toward the cleanliness of your entire property.